What makes us special?

Woodleys Farm is a lovely unique farmhouse building with a family and homely feel. The building dates back to 1732 and was once used as a hunting lodge at which Charles Dickens stayed overnight. For the last 30 years it has been used as a children’s day nursery. It is also home to many animals including sheep, goats, ponies, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs and fish. These bring with them attraction, learning and fun for the children. The outdoor space is vast and we make the most of the areas. We have plenty of space for a good run and areas for direct learning. The children go outside regularly and have easy access to both the front and back garden areas.

The nursery is registered to take 40 children and they are separated into four smaller groups. We always plan and cater for individual children and celebrate their likes to encourage them to learn whether this involves dinosaurs, fairies or anything else their imagination can produce. We encourage the children to be as independent as possible through allowing them to make choices in their play. We allow the children to help serve their own lunch and often they help us to tidy up too!! This is a great life skill.

The children have their own base room but we also have times where they have free flow play. This is where all rooms are available for the children to explore, which allows them to choose their learning. This also provides the younger children the chance to learn from the older children and the older children to care for the younger ones, learning about building relationships. This creates a homely and family orientated atmosphere.

Parents evenings and parent consultation weeks are carried out to give you time to look through your child’s Learning Journey with their key person. This provides time to talk about the next stages of development and any worries you may have.

When the time comes for your child to move rooms we do not just go by the child’s age. They will move when they are ready. We ensure the transition process goes as smoothly as possible with visits to the room and as the children have time in all areas of the nursery they are already familiar with the environment and the staff team.

We have many event days and themed days which may involve fundraising and dressing up. We also have culture days where we offer a different menu and plan experiences around a country or a culture. This opens up more learning about what is in the big wide world.

We always ensure you as parents are part of our future developments in the nursery to ensure we are providing the right service for you. We provide email addresses for the nursery and Head Office so you can contract the right person straight away. We also have a fantastic Facebook page that shares ideas, what the children have been learning and photos of the environment. This is also a place for you to communicate with the parents of your child’s friends and set up the ever so popular play date!!