Woodleys Day Nurseries

At Woodleys Day Nurseries we aim to cater for all the needs of a child by offering fully inclusive childcare in the broadest sense. We provide all of the essentials that your child needs as well as bags for their spare clothes, t-shirt tops to get messy in and food prepared from scratch, on site, by our fully qualified Chef.

Our Head Chef designs menus that vary each week so as to provide all of the nutrition that growing children need to thrive. He also prepares take-away dishes for mums, dads and older children. There is an additional charge for this but well worth it to have the convenience without the guilt of other ready prepared meals! Menus are sent out to parents monthly in advance so that parents can plan their family meals and book any take-away dishes in advance so they are ready and waiting for you when you collect your child.

All of our staff who work directly with the children or behind the scenes in our admin departments are fully police checked and cleared and our nursery staff have childcare qualifications that have either been obtained at College or University or have been gained whilst working on an apprenticeship scheme. Photographs of all staff are displayed in all of our nurseries and staff all wear uniforms so that they are easily identifiable at all times to other staff members, visitors and parents/carers.

Staff training is on-going either externally or internally delivered by our experienced Early Years teachers and staff who have undergone additional specialist training. We also welcome and appreciate the help and support given to us by our County Council advisors who visit regularly to ensure we are always up to date and providing the highest standards of childcare that we can.

Being part of a small group of nurseries enables us to cover staff holidays and sickness without using agency and temporary staff, so staff that cover are aware of our policies, procedures and practices and are already police checked and trained by us. It also gives staff added training, working with other practitioners with different skills and talents to take back to their base nursery.

We also aim where possible to employ our staff to work 4 long days instead of 5 shorter ones. This gives us a bank of staff to call upon if required and means that however long your child’s day at nursery is, staff that you drop your child off with in the morning will still be there when you collect.

Consistency of care means peace of mind for you and security for your child

And if things don’t go exactly as you had hoped, our Nursery Managers are always available to discuss your concerns and issues and supported by our senior managers, there is always someone they can call upon for help and advice. Being a small company also means that if you need to you can go straight to our Managing Director, Michelle Harris, who is also always available for a chat or a meeting.

Nothing is more important to us than solving a problem for a parent